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Research in the Madison Lab

The Madison Lab was established to understand the greater linkages behind how rapidly changing environmental conditions will be met by aquatic biota, with focus on regional watersheds subjected to seasonal changes in water quality and availability (e.g., flooding and drought). Together these conditions create additional challenges for local organisms in the face of broader trends of global climate change.

Our research draws upon a multidisciplinary approach to understanding environmental interactions in animals using methods from physiology, endocrinology, and toxicogenomics, as observed through an ecological lens.

Henceforth, known as the MADECOPET (Madison ECO-Physiology, -Endocrinology, -Toxicogenomics) Research Laboratory.

Understanding how organisms sense and respond to their environment is a central aim of the MADECOPET Lab’s academic research program.


Madison Lab in the Brandon University News

June 24, 2022

Dr. Barry Madison was featured in the BU news with an announcement of his successful NSERC Discovery grant award! Read the article here: