Lab Members

Dr. Barry N Madison

Dr. Madison is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Brandon University. His research focuses on integrating comparative animal physiology and endocrinology, as well as ecology and toxicogenomics, to assess the biological sensitivity of aquatic organisms to emerging contaminants and environmental stressors related to rapidly changing climate.



  • 15-399 Topics in Biology
  • 15-499 Research Topics in Biology

Fall Term

  • 15-171 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • 15-355 Ecotoxicology
  • 15-363 Animal Physiology

Winter Term

  • 15-151 Biology of Life & 162 Cells (module 1), Genetics & Evolution
  • 15-456 Environmental Animal Physiology
  • 15-462 Environmental Animal Endocrinology

Summer Term

  • 15-455 Field Studies in Biology

Current Students:

Natalie Vachon
  • 41-399 Topics in research (2022/2023) with Dr. C Malcolm (Geography).
  • Project: Exploring the prey species of invasive smallmouth bass using comparative analysis of stomach contents and faeces using eDNA techniques.
Hannah Ziegler-Blair
  • 15-399 Topics in Research (2022/2023)
  • Project: Assessing the metabolomic profiles of dietary regimes in juvenile zebrafish.
Caden Pedlow
  • Undergraduate summer student (2022) with Dr. C LeMoine (Biology).
  • Project: Assessing the growth profiles of dietary regimes in juvenile zebrafish.
Carter Loewen
  • Undergraduate summer student, 15-399 Topics in Research.
  • Project: Understanding spatial and temporal trends in water quality in the urban Assiniboine watershed of the city of Brandon.
Kieran Taylor
  • Undergraduate summer student with Dr. B Cassone (Biology).
  • Project: Comparison of current eDNA barcoding techniques for native and invasive fish species in the central Assiniboine river watershed.
Taylor Jones-Arason
  • Research Affiliate (2022), Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Project: Eco-environmental survey of the Assiniboine watershed using UAVs.